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La Nuit Enchantée event illuminates the Gartenpalais Liechtenstein


Actress Nicole Kidman was in Vienna on Saturday evening to help OMEGA launch new models in its Ladymatic collection and to introduce the global advertising campaign for the collection. The multi-media campaign features Ms Kidman, who has been the “face of Ladymatic” since its international debut in 2010.

The façade of the Gartenpalais Liechtenstein, the venue for the event, was opulently lit with decorative projections, including the brand’s iconic Omega logo, and images from the new advertising campaign. The evening opened with a standing cocktail party in the palace’s massive entry hall, whose elaborate decoration with trees suggested an enchanted forest. The guests were then seated in an upstairs dining room and following a choreographed dance performance, Nicole Kidman entered the room dressed in a gown in embellished sheer lace.

OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart welcomed more than 250 invited guests, as well as international media.

Following the dinner, the party moved back to the ground floor. As the guests descended the stairs, Australian singer Shelley Harland performed her song “In the Dark” live on a stage, accompanied by her husband, guitarist James Harland-Wright on guitar. The song is the soundtrack to the new Ladymatic television commercials.

Small openings in the trees that decorated the main hall on the ground floor had been opened to reveal the new models in the Ladymatic collection and the guests selected items from an opulent dessert buffet and looked at the new watches as Shelley and James serenaded them.

The new Ladymatic models


Along with Ms. Kidman, the evening starred the new models in the Ladymatic collection, including a range of bicolour watches as well as some timepieces in pink and in pale blue. 

The Ladymatic has always been at fashion’s forefront with its feminine design and state-of-the-industry mechanics. Now, with the introduction of the enduring combination of 18K gold and stainless steel as well as the eye-catching pink and pale blue versions, the entire collection has become even more striking.

The beautiful baroque rooms of the Gartenpalais Liechtenstein were the perfect location to present the new Ladymatic ladies’ watches as well as the new Ladymatic campaign to the international press. The watch, which revived the name of an automatic women’s watch launched by OMEGA in 1955, has been acclaimed as much for its extraordinary movement as for its unique design.


The campaign

The photographs used in the print advertisements were taken by Peter Lindbergh, a fashion photography legend who has been described as “the poet of glamour”. Over the past thirty years his work has been published by every major international fashion magazine and is regularly commissioned for the most influential campaigns of all the leading fashion designers.

A behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot has been produced that reveals not only the professional interaction between photographer Lindbergh and his beautiful model but the energy and humour that each brought to the session.

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