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It is no coincidence that the AMBERIF International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones takes place in Gdansk. The city is located on the Baltic Sea coast, and is known as the world capital of amber. Here Amber is not only a gem for jewellery use, it is a whole culture and Amberif is its window to the whole world.

AMBERLIGHT-4Organised by the MTG SA Gdansk International Fair Co. the 2013 edition of Amberif celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fair, gathering over 450 exhibiting companies from Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Sri Lanka, and receiving trade visitors from all the continents.

The products showcased at AMBERIF include: Baltic amber jewellery, silver and gold jewellery decorated with amber, silver, gold and platinum jewellery, jewellery with gemstones, pearls and diamonds, loose diamonds and gemstones, watches, decorative and functional amber items, imported jewellery, hollowware and jewellery packaging. Exhibits also included jewellery industry machines and tools plus production lines and design technologies.

The Designers’ Gallery presented products of the artists’ and jewellery designers’ imagination. While the  ‘AMBER, Treasure of Poland’ Consortium run three projects all aimed at promoting Amber and popularize knowledge about it: a media tour for journalists, an Amber and Fashion Gala where designer creations shine on the catwalk, as well as a two‐day International Amber Researcher Symposium on Amber.

While visiting Amberif for business, one can not help but exploring the three cities of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. All of them, although partially hidden under the snow, reflect a true ‘joie de vivre’ but also a tradition deeply rooted in history. A visit to Lucian MYRTA private museum in Sopot is of course a must. Here you will discover Amber in a diffrent way! You will find out how fascination with Amber can become a lifetime carrier giving birth to Art pieces of exceptional beauty!

The next meeting in Gdansk will be during AMBERMART from 29-31 August 2013. 

Mrs. Suzanne Eid with Mr. Lucian Myrta in his workshop in Sopot, Poland
Mrs. Suzanne Eid with Mr. Lucian Myrta in his workshop in Sopot, Poland

“… simply a Ring”

“… simply a Ring” was the theme of the Amberif Design Award 2013, and after having assessed 152 entries from different artists, the Jury awarded the following prizes:

1_GRAND-PRIZE_Bozena-CzarneckaThe Grand Prize

sponsored by Mr. Paweł Adamowicz, the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk

PLN 10,000 went to: Mrs. Bożena Czarnecka

The Jury appreciated the fluid quality of the piece; the choice of caramel, as a basic material to enclose the amber pieces which become the inclusion in addition to the surprise that the ring can be eaten!





The Amber Prize

sponsored by the International Amber Association

1 kg of amber went to: Mrs. Angelina Stoykova

The piece addresses the competition’s theme in a very fresh and creative way.
The use of the bandage, which can refer to the notion of care and protection,
is an original way to bind the stone to the ring and a means of expressing emotion.




The Silver Prize

1 kg of silver went to: Mr. Bogdan Dowlaszewicz

The Jury liked the witty application of the bathtub plug in a ring. It is an excellent juxtaposition of the high and low, where a jewellery potential is realised from
an incongruous context.








Michael Zobel at AMBERIF

The celebrated designer from Germany, Michael Zobel, was the guest of honour at AMBERIF 2013. In addition to his participation as a member of the jury on the Mercurius Gedanensis Award, the Minister of Economy’s Grand Prix, he also donated his artwork to the Amber Museum, Gdansk. The gift will join the Michael Zobel collection already kept by the Museum.

“Michael Zobel, the long‐standing friend of Gdansk and amber wants to donate his artwork to the Gdansk Amber Museum,” said AMBERIF Project Director Ewa Rachoń.

Zobel’s gift presentation ceremony was held during the Hardened Tears exhibition preview on March 21 2013, at the Amber Museum in Targ Węglowy (Coal Market), Gdansk.

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