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In the first six months of this year, Hong Kong exported US$4.5 billion worth of timepieces, parts and components with Switzerland, the United States and the Chinese mainland top three export markets. Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is the gate to this huge industry.

The world’s largest watch and clock show, Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair run from 4 till 8 September 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The fair’s Timepiece Extravaganza, an expanded version of the popular Brand Name Gallery, focused on top-end brands and designer collections featuring more than 140 brands and including the following thematic zones: World Brand Piazza showcasing high-end brands, Chic & Trendy, Craft Treasure and Renaissance Moment.


At the World Brand Piazza members of the trade and watch enthusiasts were able to appreciate the exquisite designs and expert workmanship inherent in the masterpieces of the twelve exhibiting world-famous watch brands on display.

Other special areas included the Small-Order Zone, offering more than 70 showcase units, and the Pageant of Eternity, focusing on complete watches.

The calendar of the fair included the Hong Kong International Watch Forum and the Asian Watch Conference in addition to a variety of product launches and watch parades:

The Hong Kong International Watch Forum Topics of Discussion were: Exchange of information and statistics on production, import and export of watches and clocks, discussions on watchmaking issues, Swiss made label law on watchmaking industry, Growing demand in the luxury segment of timepieces, discussions on markets including emerging ones, Switzerland – China Free Trade Agreement, and potential in China and ASEAN Markets.


Winning pieces of the 30th HK Watch & Clock Design Competition were on display during the show:

Contestant Cheung Sui Cheung from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee) won the Champion Prize of the Student Group with his design titled “Shuttle”. While contestant Tam Kwok Tung sponsored by the company WincyHorological Ltd was declared Champion of the Ooen Group with his design titled “FACE/OFF”.

The fair was the international platform for Product Launch and announcements for many watch houses:

The Chinese Timekeeper announced its partnership with the young and very promising HK Formula driver: As CTK aspires to be a leader in the exclusive watch industry, Matthew works hard every day to become the first Hong Kong Formula1 driver!

Acestar Concept Limited ( Netherlands) launched their Brand: Van Gogh.

Mr. Vincent Willem Van Gogh, the far-famed painter, together with the renowned Netherlands’ Vincent Willem Van Gogh Museum, has newly launched a fully Swiss-made, stylish and Limited Edition Watch Collection to commemorate Mr. Vincent Willem Van Gogh’s 160th birthday anniversary. By incorporating the well-known paintings of Mr. Vincent Willem Van Gogh in each case back in a semi-transparent manner, the watches are made to deliver an artistic and passionate lifestyle, with an out-of-ordinary design and a sense of taste.

Beijing Watch Fty Co Ltd (Chinese mainland) introduced their Brand: Beijing Watch Tai Chi II. The watch is equipped with TB04 movement, which is the 1st 3D tourbillon movement in China and independently developed by BWAF. The incredible 3D tourbillon is rotating on two axes. Meanwhile, Tai Chi II shows its accumulative working years in a special window. On the back of the watch, one can enjoy the beautiful enamel moon phase.

Longio Watch Co Limited (Chinese mainland) launched their Brand: Longio. The brand features porcelain body painted enamel, the delicate technique inherited from Chinese Royal court production. The fine Enameled Porcelain, both its technology and artistic style reflect the brilliant achievements of the production of Chinese porcelain art.

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