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Live the ultimate sensory experience at London’s “Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie”, a recluse world of opulence and sophisticated beauty, the first of its kind.

Is there anything more sensuous, more attractive or seducing than the alluring perfume we wear?  It speaks to our subconscious mind, appeals to our senses and opens the door to romance and intimacy without the sweetest word even whispered.

When we launched Roja Parfums in the summer of 2011, the world had never seen a palette of fragrances like this.” claims Roja Dove, who is the creative mind and driving force behind this fairytale-like story.

After working for many years in the background of his creations, Roja knew it was time to launch a range of fragrances according to his own insight and as a result of it, bearing his own name.  “I want to take you on a journey…” starts Roja…

A heaven of the finest fragrances

Where do you go to if the fancy takes you to find yourself that one-of-a-kind, unique perfume that is just perfect for you?  A fragrance that reveals the bright and beautiful person you are, a scent that marries your skin and dresses you with mystery and uniqueness, that makes you feel sensual and seductive… that says “here I am” but is not overwhelming, that makes a statement but is not overpowering… that ‘is’ entirely you.  Divine…

There is a place where this luxurious experience awaits you. A sumptuous space decorated with black lacquer furnishings and wallpanels of the Orient Express, no less, to take you on this journey of the senses, where soft light reflects in countless crystals of ornate chandeliers, in mirrors and exquisite Baccarat fountains containing the purest and finest fragrances in the world.

If Harrods in London is a shopping paradise like no other, than take the Egyptian escalator all the way up to the top, where else, to the 5th floor to enter an even more luring paradise, just beyond the Urban Retreat, a room dedicated to the art of Haute Parfumerie.  The moment you walk in, you are immersed in authentic and sophisticated beauty.

A sensory heaven of fragrance
A sensory heaven of fragrance

Indulge in the wondrous world of scent

Here you can indulge yourself, take a break from the bustling streets, and surrender to the ultimate experience of fragrance as it should be: luxurious, sensual, daring…

At first you won’t know where to look.  Exquisite Lalique perfume bottles will attract your eye, deliciously amber coloured fragrances will catch your attention while, unconsciously, a blend of the finest scents in the air will carry you away…

This is the sanctuary dedicated to “Haute Parfumerie”, a heaven of fragrance, envisioned, conceived and founded by British Master Perfumer Roja Dove.

A collection of 27 perfumes for the modern age all created by Roja, is accessible to everyone in an original, never-seen-before display that exudes timeless chic and elegance.

The iconic colour of the department store where he chose to have his ‘Haute Parfumerie” , Harrods’, inspired him only recently to design the cap for a new bottle in a rich, profound green. A hommage to Harrods and close to his heart…
The iconic colour of the department store where he chose to have his ‘Haute Parfumerie” , Harrods’, inspired him only recently to design the cap for a new bottle in a rich, profound green. A hommage to Harrods and close to his heart…

In love with perfume

Who is Roja Dove? A charming man with an unusual name and a fabulous gift for scents.  Called “un nez” in French, “a nose”, Roja is considered one of the most famous noses today, a leading authority in the invisible, mysterious world of scents, odours and fragrances.

Roja remembers as the day of yesterday when he was a small boy and fell in love with his mother’s perfume.

Now a passionate artist, innovator, visionary, Roja hasn’t ceased to develop his undeniable flair for the best and the purest. He travels across the globe to bring home the finest perfumery ingredients, often the most costly ones too.  Never before perfume was looked at the way he does.  Beyond the perfume, Roja spends equal importance and care to everything that surrounds it, from the perfume bottle to the handmade wooden boxes that he is proud of.   Every element is subject of reflection and outstanding craftsmanship. What to make of names such as “Reckless”, “Scandal“, “Danger“ or “Fetish” ? Not the typical names that you would expect on a perfume label.

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