Wednesday , April 25 2018
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Rossato launched a new Home Collection during this year’s Design Week in Milan. The new high-end furniture was designed by the collective Hangar Design Group and produced by Rossato. A collection that will adapt both for living spaces and top luxury hotels thanks to Rossato’s many years of experience in the contract design industry. Much like the craft that goes into the making of a suit, Rossato builds its furnishing like a tailor weaves its exquisite designs. Every creation becomes a piece of timeless collection, which defines Rossato’s identity.


A style immediately recognized thanks to Rossato’s ability to personalize and tailor-made every decor and to its choice of material. The ability to move between different manufacturing techniques: veneer, crown molding, shaping, thermoforming, painting on any type of support, resin coating on each type of surface, plating, welding of any type of metal. As well as a strong bond with the material used that transpires in every single piece of furniture created.
From wood to glass, from metals to fabrics, from stones to resins. Anything can be easily customizable by Rossato. In fact, layers over layers Rossato creates its masterpieces by constantly mixing strong knowledge given by a rich heritage of rare known-how with an open-mind towards capturing changing styles and new fashions.
Rossato always works alongside with architects and designers to pick the right materials and to choose the right technique to create the most ambitious creative projects. This also happened with Hangar Design Group for the creation of Hampton and Carlton. Hampton is a flexible and functional cabinet made in vintage style. Rossato created an essential geometry with a perfect balance between full and empty. Hampton’s essential characteristic is the surface finish determined by a sophisticated weaving strips of oak wood, hand sanded and painted, which makes up a mosaic of great visual effect.
With its sinuous profile, Carlton combines wood veneered walnut with leather and burnished metal, covering the back and outlining the pins. The balance between the proportions and the lines gives great elegance and harmony to this chair. The chair is available in two colors: a pale cream leather seat with burnished brushed metal, and a smoke gray painted metal with an ivory leather seat. Luxury and design melted in one!

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