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A book by the Pearl Specialist Sabine Mazloum

After she has built a successful career as a Pearl Specialist, young entrepreneur Sabine Mazloum dived into her passion for healthy food, writing and publishing her first book, on“Mangez Juste” which develops the subject of nutrition that concerns everyone.

“My body is the only thing that belongs to me from birth until my last day, so I take care of it”, says Sabine Mazloum. After becoming a mother for three children, Sabine decided to provide to her family the best educational means for both body and soul. She found herself immersed in the wide world of nutrition, where sometimes she was bumped with inherited information, but wrong and even precarious to the human body, and other times she was surprised with facts that have long been buried, although they are very useful and accessible to everyone.

mangez juste

She then decided to put together this information and the results of all the research she has undertook in collaboration with senior experts and doctors, in a book. She was determined to uncover the truth about food and nutrition and to share it with anyone who wishes to enjoy delicious and healthy dishes at the same time.

Her book “Manger Juste” is beautiful, rich in content, and easy to read; a jewel in nutrition, at this time where fast food and pre-packed meals saturated with harmful preservatives dominate our modern lifestyle playing at poker sites.

“Manger Juste” is the foundation stone for our lives in all its physical, psychological and intellectual dimensions. “Manger Juste” means growing healthy, avoiding illness, enjoying life without pain, aging well, feeling good and happy, thinking and acting properly, being creative… Yes, all this and more… Because when a disease strikes and pain prevails, all we seek is the cure. But prevention is better than cure. “Manger Juste” came to be this prevention tool which enables us not only save time, suffering and money but also enjoy the best meals in health and wellness through 85 deliciously and consciously created recipes.
The book is an edition of Larousse, and is available in all francophone countries and online from March 13, 2018.

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