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Djihan” Boutique was launched on Wednesday May 15,2013. The event took place at La Veranda in Harvey Nichols Kuwait, Mall Avenue 3 to display the gorgeous unique  new collections designed by the sparkling stylish Designer Jihan Alama, who personally attended the event to meet and greet all the VIP guests who attended the event like Alshayaa family, Bahbahani family, Al Sobah family, and more…. During the event models and personal shoppers showcased some of the glamorous feminine collections. The models completed their look with the classic unlock my heart collection, the colorful charming collection, and the elegant cheerful collection. Also personal shoppers showcased the Chocoholic collection that is mainly made of wood, gold and diamond, and the Hands of Fatima collection that is a diamond stone carved as a hand shape. After people finished their lunch they all went down by Mrs. Jihan Alama’s company to take a close look on “Djihan’s” fine jewelry Boutique that took their breathes away, with all its fashionable collections. In addition to the first line, jihan Alama also launched her second line “DJI” by ” Djihan”, made of silver and gold plated, all sated with precious and semi-precious stones that is affordable by all categories.

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