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A way of Life

Since it was established in 1998, COLLECTION Magazine has had the same mission: To promote Luxury as a state of mind. The excitement of blending together the worlds of Luxury and celebrating all that gives an emotional dimension to our daily life, makes of COLLECTION an unmatched creative venue with a unique approach. Fashion and Jewelry, Innovation and Design, Art and Culture, Beauty and Cosmetics, Perfumes and Accessories, Travels, Hotels and Spas, interact in a way that COLLECTION reader can explore the true art of today’s living.

Trend-conscious consumers or experienced collectors, the readers of COLLECTION rank from medium-high to high type of readers who seek refinement in every aspect of life. COLLECTION has been committed to deliver the image and creative ingredients that provide as many platforms to influence and communicate with these readers. Freedom is the driver spirit of COLLECTION. It extends to all its high quality collaborators, be they cosmopolitan correspondents, photographers, stylists, journalists, reporters, editors It is this policy that generates COLLECTION’s original approach to Luxury and places it among the most influential independent magazines.

COLLECTION is a quarterly magazine designed in two languages, Arabic and English. It has a circulation of 65,000 copies, including the 10.000 copies of the special edition for Lebanon. 70% of COLLECTION distribution is dedicated to the Gulf and the Middle East regions, the remaining being distributed in news kiosks and selective bookshops in the most important cities of Europe and the World. Furthermore,COLLECTION reports more than 15.000 subscribers worldwide.

COLLECTION’s editorial team, with the proper know-how, has held the same mission since 1998: To provide readers with the latest in luxury jewelry and watch, gossip news, celebrity and fashion features, glamour events, travel, arts, and more. The magazine is read and collected by all its readers, with a distinguished interest in luxury, fashion, fine jewelry, and branded watches.

Over 20 specialized jewelry books have been written by the Magazine’s Editor in Chief, adding value and expertise to an editorial teamcommitted to always deliver the best and boldest. COLLECTION Magazine has partnered with some of the most highly regarded names in the industry, They believe in what they do and in their own ideas, and they are unique in the way they respect and cherish the reader. Theses valued relationships lead to creative contributions in the areas of professional photography, art direction, exclusive interviews, worldwide events coverage, and constant search for excellence. We thank and acknowledge our thirty five correspondents all over the World.
Country Correspondents
AUSTRIA Rita Delarue
BELGIUM Jean-Pierre Maxens
BRAZIL Andrea Talamonti
CANADA Jacqueline Rambaud
CHINA Brigitte Maxwell-Loo
DENMARK Hans Manfred
ENGLAND (UK) Louisette M.
FRANCE Claudie Violette
GERMANY Gabriele Weinmann
Gregor Ashley
GREECE Nicole Tsiama-Saloum
HONG KONG Jessica Sheung-lai
INDIA Sid Banerji
ITALY Clara Dodino
JAPAN Tadashi Umikomo
MEXICO Antonio Delgado-Amarena
MIDDLE EAST Claude Mazloum
MONACO Claudine Sanromese
PORTUGAL Rachel Machel
RUSSIA Igor Kaspovin
SOUTH AFRICA Trevor Ockman
SPAIN Daniel Verges Renau
SYRIA Mahmoud Keilani
THAILAND Poneit Syrtokul
USA Robert Payrac
 People & Lifestyle
Reveals what is happening behind the scenes of brands, actors, royalties, high society; runs interviews and highlights influential events, and international actions
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Course of an Artist
  • History of Brand
  • World Social Events 
Spots around the World
Put under the spotlights the novelties of the luxury sector, glamorous events, and products recently launched.
  • Trends
  • Novelties
  • Gossip
  • News
Fashion & Luxury
Unveils fashion and its trends, pret-a-porter& haute couturelatest collections, as well as the tendencies in theluxury sector.
  • Accessories
  • Trends
  • Tendencies
  • Themes
Luxury Exhibitions & Events
A gateway to the latest in the luxury sector industries; events, exhibitions, trade fairs, artistic phenomenons, shows and parades, meetings, seminars… from all over the world.
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Influential events
  • International actions
  • Brand celebrations
Culture & Art
Paintings, sculptures, auctions, are just few examples of what intrigues the mind and lifestyle of our readers, COLLECTION Magazine highlights historical reviews, the biography of important artists, as well as information on antiques and trade… all in an attractive and very distinguished way.
  • Antiques & Trade
  • Paintings & Sculpture
  • Discoveries
  • Civilizations
  • History of Collectors
  • Story of Pieces
Escape & Travel
Travel and discover great escapes, special destinations, cities and countriesthrough visits on the spot and spectacular pictures.
  • Great Escape
  • City in Time
  • 70 Years Ago
Jewelry & Watches
A chance to indulge in “the best of” watches and jewelry through a global seasonal tour around the World; the course of a designer, the history of a brand, and the story of a new design could be some of the hits of this section as well.
  • History of a Brand
  • Course of an Artist
  • The latest in Jewelry
  • Watch World innovations
Reveals the upcoming influential events and points out the special dates to remember.
  • Dates to remember
COLLECTION Pan Arab Luxury Magazine covers a geographical area of 700 million of habitants. It publishes 65.000 issues every season reaching an estimated readership of 455.000 readers. Our Subscribers and Readers hold both the knowledge and the highest purchasing power.

COLLECTION Magazine tackles the following markets: Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Syria, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates.

COLLECTION Magazine readers are affluent citizens of the World with sophisticated taste, independent forward-thinking professionals with an acute knowledge of design and a strong value for trends and precious things. Style conscious and daring, these readers make their mark on our world daily.

COLLECTION Magazine readers have a keen interest in jewelry, branded watched, precious and semi precious stones, fashion, luxurious events, shops, and travel destinations. Each and every COLLECTION Magazine reader is a potential client involved in the lifestyle business who has come to expect, depend on and admire the magazine, season after season. He treasures his back issues as a permanent part of his library, a source of ideas to re-read, reflect on, and share.

COLLECTION Magazine readers are, above all, experienced collectors. They seek refinement and beauty not only in their lifestyle but also in the destinations of their trips, in art, in the events such as the fashion shows and the exhibitions.

Readers Profile Market Percentage
Gender 55%
Age Group 51%
40 years and over
Between 30 and 40
Between 18 and 29
Education 60%
University and above
Secondary and above
Financial Standing 47%
Above average
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