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A new way to experience the home is changing the habits of Italians as well as those of the market and the distribution networks. Personalisation, multiculturalism and a focus on style trends are the keys to this change. This is the inspiration behind HOMI, Fiera Milano’s grand project inspired by Italy’s longstanding tradition of knowing how to live well, created to showcase the latest innovations from the worlds of design and beauty for the home and for the body. The first edition is to debut on 19 January 2014 and will run through 22 January 2014.

With 1,500 companies and large new areas over about 80,000 square meters – these are just some of the numbers that reinforce what a strong idea this was, realised after closely following the market and identifying its new needs.

The brands that have put “Made in Italy” on the map along with the latest creative names in Italian style and companies from all over the world – this is the hub around which the new show concept of being an incubator of ideas revolves. It’s a gamble that has paid off for Fiera Milano along with all of the key players in contemporary design that aim to offer an innovative experience focused on the new global challenges faced by all of the industries represented by the show.

The main product categories on show at HOMI are presented as “worlds”, with satellites

dedicated to ten different and specific categories and experiences that are, however, ready to be integrated with one another in order to make for substantive new offerings: Living Habits, Home Wellness, Fragrances & Personal Care, Fashion & Jewels, Gifts & Events, Garden & Outdoor, kid Style, Home Textiles, Hobby & Work.

At HOMI, the HOME and Store become the main environments where the current trends are showcased and where future trends are created, with the key words being multiculturalisation and hybridisation.

Furthermore, as a way to establish itself as a strategic partner to Italian companies, HOMI has reached agreements with Sistema Moda Italia, which represents the Italian fashion textiles industry with which it wants to promote the industry and its companies, as well as with the Italian Chamber of Buyers, which works to make the most of the shop experience in terms of quality thanks to its partner shops identified with the registered The Best Shops trademark.

HOMI is meant to be a style experience for industry professionals with a focus on the exhibition, which is rounded out by collateral initiatives and meetings. Thus during the four days of the show, new expressions of creativity will be made the most of thanks to high-impact events.

One of these is La Magnifica Forma created by architect Anna Del Gatos. It is dedicated to art as a source of inspiration for designers. This exhibition features 28 objects dreamt up by 12 young designers and realised by great Italian companies. The objects are inspired by works of art from the most important museums in Milan. These will become a living inspiration to the potential offered by our artistic heritage and a means of popularising the taste for objects of design.

Furthermore, in order to offer professionals concrete strategies for promoting their products in Italy and internationally, HOMI has   an event called “New consumer experiences for new lifestyles.” This is meant to offer a look at new strategies for promoting “Made in Italy” in retail shops abroad, with a focus on the United States, Brazil and South America, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, which are among the countries of most interest to trade professionals and businesses.

Furthermore, we have already planned an international appointment with a show in Russia in October 2014, from 15to 18. In 2015, the year of the EXPO in Milan, HOMI will be launched in Asia and America as well. Furthermore, HOMI will welcome trade professionals to our city for EXPO Milano 2015 with special events, allowing Fiera Milano to become an ambassador of Italian excellence with three distinct exhibitions:

HOMI (Lifestyle), TUTTOFOOD (Food) e HOST (Professional Hospitality).

HOMI is based in Milan, a city that is cosmopolitan and fashionable by nature, providing much inspiration for this show. HOMISPHERE is, in fact, an homage to Milan. It is HOMI’s way of embracing the city and is meant to engage buyers by taking them from fashion showrooms, to design ateliers and to gourmet destinations.

What’s more, the show will be online ”live” thanks to HOMI Live, the Web TV station created with Milan’s Università IULM and coordinated by Sergio Pappalettera’s studio. It will offer new, dynamic communications opportunities for young videographers chosen from the most prestigious universities in Milan.

HOMI is therefore Fiera Milano’s present, but more than that, it is its future. Thus, HOMI is not just in Italy and abroad with its exhibitions. The exhibition will serve as a style incubator online as well thanks to HOMI+, which offers great business opportunities and extends the business offerings from the show for more than a month with a special site dedicated to trade professionals. Here the Internet is a privileged medium, allowing the most exclusive buyers to see what HOMI has to offer.

HOMI+ will be online starting on 3 February 2014 for eight weeks.


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