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Celebrating Amber
Amber and Fashion Gala in AMBERIF 2016


Amber will be again celebrated in Gdansk, Poland, during the 17th AMBERMART International Amber Fair, 25-27 August 2016.

A gemstone formed through the fossilization of tree resin, approximately 50 million years ago, Amber is one of the few varieties of organic gemstones like pearl, coral and ivory.

The word “amber” in the Middle East is always confused with the word “ambar” which refers to a material often used in the production of fragrances because it has a very appealing aromatic smell. However, the 2 materials are only similar by names.
Exceptionally light, amber has an amorphous rather than crystalline structure and an extremely low density.

There are many varieties of amber mostly grouped by origin or color. The first source for amber gems is west of Kaliningrad, Russia. The second largest source for amber is the Baltic region. Younger amber varieties are found in the Dominican Republic, Italy, Romania, China, Japan, Burma (Myanmar), Mexico, Canada and the United States. Although Amber is known for its fine golden colors a range of different colors like yellow, orange, brown, black, blue, green and red. The most valuables are of clear color and contain animal and plant inclusions.


Amber is one of the first types of gems used in jewelry. Still to this day, amber is popular and is used for ornamental designs and in a variety of different jewelry designs.
With a hardness rating of only 2 – 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale Amber is a soft gem and should only be cleaned using a soft cloth. And to preserve their natural luster and beauty always store amber stones by wrapping them in a soft cloth and separate them from other gems and jewelry. www.amberif.pl

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